Mini Nectarine Almond Frangipane Tart

nectarine almond frangipane tart | #sweets

The best thing about dessert is when you don’t have to share! I know, that may sound a little greedy, but sometimes you just want your very own pie. With that in mind, I thought that making individually portioned mini nectarine almond frangipane tarts would be a great way to indulge without going over board. It’s nice not having to give others a nibble of the good stuff, since everyone will have their very own tart…. 

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Rustic Peach and Berry Crostata

Do you love crust? I love it! Who knew that combining butter and flour could be so magical, giving you tender pieces of pastry that melts in your mouth with… 

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How to Grill a Pizza – Step by Step Guide

Pizza is a highly addicting food staple that comes in various styles and cooking techniques. I personally love a good Neapolitan style pie on a thin chewy crust that’s been… 

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Lemon Herb Fingerling Potato Salad

Everyone loves a classic potato salad made with the traditional mayonnaise and relish base. However if you are looking for a lighter potato salad recipe, preparing a flavorful vinaigrette is… 

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Fig and Prosciutto Pizza with Balsamic Glaze

When I think of figs, I find it funny to imagine the times of Greek gods and goddesses spending the afternoon eating these delicate and luxurious fruit gems. These perfect ripe… 

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Salmon Burgers with Lemon Dill Sauce

It’s hard not to enjoy a nice and juicy Angus half pound burger with hickory smoked bacon and thick cut cheddar cheese (okay maybe that’s just what I’m craving), however… 

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July Traffic and Income Report

Hello! It’s Jason again. I am Jessica’s husband, taste tester, helpful tech guy, and now proud father to our new son James! Last month we started an experiment on… 

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Using Temperature to Gauge Doneness of Food

Okay it’s time to get our science caps on and geek out for a minute! Cooking is truly an art and a science, you have to use your five senses… 

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Aromatic Jasmine Coconut Rice

Rice was a staple at the dinner table almost every night in my family growing up. I don’t prepare it as often at home now, but it’s a welcomed comforting… 

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Tahitian Mahi Mahi with Vanilla Sauce

Have you ever wondered what types of fresh fish you can expect to eat when visiting the beautiful islands of French Polynesia? You can experience extremely fresh locally caught lagoon… 

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Introducing baby James!

We are so excited and proud to introduce the newest and cutest addition to our family, baby James Joseph Gavin! He came into this world in a hurry and just… 

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