Crispy Vegetable Fritters with Avocado Yogurt Sauce

Crispy Vegetable Fritters with Avocado Yogurt Sauce |

I feel like vegetables never get enough praise, so today I’m going to let them shine! As a food scientist it still amazes me how healthy and wholesome food can nourish our bodies. You know I love my sweet desserts, but today its all about carrots, broccoli and zucchini.We’re going to combine them for crispy, golden brown, and super delicious vegetable fritters!

When these little guys are hot right out of the pan, you’re going to be tempted to eat them immediately. Before you eat all of these crunchy vegetable fritters straight out of the pan, I recommend wiping up a super creamy avocado yogurt sauce so you can dip and bite, then dip and bite again and again…… 

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Hearty Beef Bolognese Sauce with Pappardelle Pasta

My comfort food growing up was a shiny blue box of Kraft macaroni and cheese which I will still love forever and ever. My husband Jason on the other hand,… 

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March Income and Traffic Report

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting this little corner of the website. I’m Jessica’s husband Jason, and once a month we hit the pause button on delicious recipe posts in order… 

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Jumbo Spicy Garlic Shrimp and Tomato Skillet

I’ve been craving shrimp and grits in the worst way since Mardi Gras, so now is time to feed the beast! The movie Forest Gump really put shrimp on its well… 

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DIY Food Photography Table Top

Hi everyone, Jason here! Thats right, I’m the guy that brings you our monthly income reports. But guess what!? This time I’m stopping by to share a different type of… 

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Crunchy Honey Mustard Salmon with Ginger Citrus Sauce

Cool salty ocean breezes, warm white sand beneath my toes, ahhh I am so ready for a trip to paradise! But alas, my dreams will have to wait until the… 

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Creamy Pea and Bacon Risotto with Mint

Aww man this spring fever has hit our family hard! Our lil guy James got a cold and on top of that he’s teething. No bueno. So of course the rest… 

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Vegan Whole Grain Raspberry Breakfast Bars

During the week my day starts before the sun gets a chance to rise and while most people are still dreaming in their cozy warm beds. I don’t always have… 

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Savory Ham and Asparagus Quiche Recipe

Quiche combines my two favorite meal times together, breakfast and dessert. Thank you quiche! I just love saying that word. You can’t get any more decadent then filling a tender… 

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Easy Skillet Gnocchi with Chicken Sausage

Gnocchi’s are cute Italian pillows of potato dumplings that are perfect bite sized pieces. They are a nice alternative to pasta and each forkful is beyond satisfying. It’s simple to… 

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February Income and Traffic Report

Welcome, welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Jessica’s husband Jason, and once a month I have the privilege of stepping into the spotlight (tap, tap, is this microphone on?) and… 

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