Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolate Candies

Delicious Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolate Candies |

Is chocolate its own food group? because if so, I’m certainly getting my daily servings this winter! Chocolate seems to pop up almost everywhere I go during the holidays, especially those beautiful golden boxes of assorted candies that I keep finding around the office. Peek a boo, I’m gonna eat you! I’m not shy to proclaim that I am a fan of anything chocolate. It’s probably because you can put it in almost any sweet or savory food or beverage and the opportunities for enjoyment increase. My favorite treat is in the form of a luscious chocolate cherry mousse cake, filled in a flaky croissant, or simply a nice big bite from a dark chocolate bar, ummm hmmm.

The best thing about chocolate is you can choose the type based on your taste buds or cooking needs, like super sweet white chocolate, bittersweet or rich dark, it’s quite the crowd pleaser. I really can’t resist chocolate when it presents itself, especially when it’s simply a piece of gorgeous dark chocolate and filled in the center. That’s way I combined my childhood favorite ingredients into one addicting combo, peanut butter and jelly chocolate candies. With only three simple yet decadent ingredients, it’s sure to make anyone smile!… 

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