Baby Announcement – Bun in the oven!


We are expecting a little one this summer, July 30!


This year has began with an amazing start! Jason and I wanted to share with you that we are growing our little family and will be welcoming our first child this summer, expected on July 30! We are so excited, nervous and happy to have been blessed with this experience. It’s been so incredible seeing the changes in my body each week, it is unreal how much a baby develops in just a few months! The best part was seeing the baby on the ultrasound for the first time, and hearing it’s heartbeat.


The first trimester was pretty smooth, just a little bit of nausea for a few weeks (which bagels and cream cheese have been my go to remedy!) and just feeling really tired. I haven’t had any crazy cravings, just oranges, apples with peanut butter, cream cheese, breakfast burritos and oh yeah, gummy bears! I haven’t turned down any sweets, but I know I can be a little better! Something I didn’t expect was the heightened sense of smell, good and bad (if you know what I mean). We were really excited to share the news with our family and friends, and we are so elated with all of the love and support everyone is already showing to little Baby Gavin.


Going into my second trimester, “the honeymoon period” as I’ve been told, I feel great! I can’t wait to see how the baby develops over time, and start showing more of that baby bump (almost 16 weeks in the photo)! It’s been fun sharing bits of information with Jason, about what the baby can do now and how big it’s getting. I’ve been exercising with modifications, and that really helps with feeling more energized and staying fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy.

It still feels unbelievable, but I feel so grateful to have my best friend, rock, and love of my life by my side to experience this new chapter in our lives together. We know we will be tired, tested, challenged and worried, but we also know that we will never love something as intensely as our child. With full hearts leading the way, we are ready for this new and incredible experience together! I can’t wait to share more of my experience with you as baby grows over time. We are going to be surprised about the gender, so stay tuned!


  1. MEGA PENN says

    Ok, you look absolutely adorable Jessica!! I am just so EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! cONGRATS! you ARE GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN AND YOU GUYSA RE GONNA BE AWESOME PARENTS!

  2. ALbert Park says

    Congrats Jess, I am so happy for you!! this website is great… come by my restaurant six park grill at the hotel irvine one of these days so we can catch up.

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