Why I love Food Science


A career in food science is an exciting field where scientists, technologist, engineers and researchers get to “play” each day. Food scientists may be in the lab, production facilities or collaborating with industry partners to create the most innovative and safe food products for people around the globe.  There are many facets and disciplines within food science in which you can navigate your career.

I always knew that research and development of new products was my passion. My current career has allowed me to work cross functionally with development teams to create products designed to help people live better lives through nutrition. As a research scientist, I am asked to understand ingredient functionality to deliver nutrition benefits and applying those skills to finished products. I must also be informed on new food ingredients and trends, while staying up-to-date on evolving food regulations. I have found that continuing education through IFT and RCA is crucial in order to stay afloat and informed on the food industry.

What inspired you to be a food scientist?

Since a very young age food has been an extremely important part of my life. I saw how food not only provides nourishment, but it brings people and cultures together through a common bond. As I learned about food science as a discipline, I couldn’t believe how many different facets of food science there are and the impact it has on our everyday lives. I was inspired to become a food scientist because I could combine my knowledge in science, technology and sensory research to develop delicious food products for the market.

Why you love your work?

My career as a research scientist at one of the world’s leading nutrition companies has enabled me to infuse my knowledge in food science and culinary arts. I enjoy trying new ingredient innovations for future products, playing with formulations in the lab, and understanding global taste preferences, which all create impactful products to help people live better lives. It is critical to ensure the highest level of quality and safety for each product, making sound science a priority. The best part of my job is working with the most creative, fun and collaborative people. We have become a family, with a common connection of food science!

 How are you making a difference?

Food science has created so many amazing opportunities for me to utilize my knowledge and education through my career.  It feels good to know that I am making a positive impact to people’s lives through nutrition. I also love to share my culinary and food science insights on my website, where I can personally connect with people worldwide through our passion for food. There are endless opportunities to learn, grow and make a difference through a career in food science and I am extremely proud to be a certified food scientist!


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