Cookbooks I Enjoy:

Here is a collection of cookbooks I frequently find myself coming back to for inspiration and education. I have linked each thumbnail to the Amazon store page incase you wish to buy. I make a super tiny commission on each book sold, just enough for me to add soy to my latte at Starbucks.


Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor (Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History)

by Hervé This - This’s book documents the sensory phenomena of eating and uses basic physics to put to bed many culinary myths.


Elementary Food Science (Food Science Texts Series) 4th Edition

by Ernest Vieira - Covering a broad range of topics in food science, with emphasis on food processing and handling and the methodology of specific foods.


What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained

by Robert L. Wolke - The book offers abundant evidence that learning the whys and hows of cooking can help us enjoy the culinary process almost as much as its results.


Garde Manger: The Art and Craft of the Cold Kitchen

by The Culinary Institute of America – Garde Manger is one of the most important courses culinary students take.


American Regional Cuisine

by The Art Institutes – This book celebrates everything that is different, distinctive, and delicious in the diverse traditions of American cooking.


On Baking: A Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals (2nd Edition)

by The Art Institutes – A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals to provide an authoritative yet contemporary introduction to baking and pastry arts.


International Cuisine

by The Art Institutes – The Best Tool for Learning About the Diversity of Cuisine from Around the World.


Advanced Bread and Pastry

by Michel Suas – It is the only available resource covering complex bread making, viennoiserie and pastry into one book.


On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals and Cooking Techniques DVD Package (4th Edition)

by The Art Institutes – Great source of information on basics, for those interested in professional cooking careers.