Fresh Grilled Peach Salad with Cherry Vinaigrette

Healthy peach salad with crunchy walnuts and fresh cherries |

Hot summer days calls for cool, creamy, sweet and tangy salads. Not to fret, a quick and healthy grilled peach salad with cherry vinaigrette is here to save the day! Lately when we get home after a long day at the office and daycare for James, the house is pretty toasty. We immediately open the windows for some fresh air, and I dread heating up the house anymore by cooking in the kitchen to make dinner. That’s why I like to cook outdoors on my grill as much as possible and have a lighter dinner al fresco style.

Simple, fast and fresh is my summer food motto and it’s super easy to get inspired by all of the ripe fruits and vegetables at the market. Some blushing ripe peaches and ruby red cherries caught my eye during a recent shopping trip, and I knew just what to do. Keep reading to see all of the yummy details!… 

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Summer Peach and Blueberry Bread Pudding

Summer Peach and Blueberry Bread Pudding |

There are two things that I love most about summer, the sunshine, and the stone fruit! I just can’t resist a super ripe juicy peach. I made this peach and blueberry bread pudding recipe, but I couldn’t decide if this was a breakfast or a dessert, so I’ve been enjoying it for both meals! yum

I was also inspired to make this irresistible bread pudding because I received a gorgeous loaf of cinnamon brioche bread baked by the OC Baking Company. My sweet friend and neighbor Erica made a trip to our local Old Towne Orange Farmer’s Market to pick up some goodies. Jason and I couldn’t possibly eat the whole loaf in a day or two, so I knew that I needed to make the leftovers into something really special. This recipe seriously blew my mind, keep reading to find out why and be ready to make some at home!… 

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Rustic Peach and Berry Crostata

yummy peach and berry crostata |

Do you love crust? I love it! Who knew that combining butter and flour could be so magical, giving you tender pieces of pastry that melts in your mouth with each bite of fruit filling. Being that it’s still summer why not celebrate the last few days by using ripe stone fruit and berries in a delicious dessert?  My local market has super sweet yellow and white peaches and plump blueberries and blackberries available, so I thought that the combination of sweet and tangy fruit would be perfect for a crostata.

I originally found this recipe in Hedy Goldsmith’s incredible dessert cookbook, Baking Out Loud: Fun Desserts with Big Flavors. Chef Goldsmith is the executive pastry chef at Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink in Miami Florida, where she creates whimsical and fun nostalgic desserts. I was lucky enough to meet her during her book release a few years back and I was so excited to try her recipes and now was the right time! I had brought this rustic peach and berry crostata to our friends fourth of July celebration, and it was a big hit!… 

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Sweet and Tangy Apple and Peach Chutney

Apple and Peach Chutney |

Are you looking for a simple, yet flavorful way to make your dishes even more delectable? I have found that sauces and condiments to serve on the side do the trick. Chutneys are chunky sweet and sour condiments used to brighten and add more flavor to almost any dish. Similar to a relish, chutneys can contain cooked fruits, vegetables and added spices which this sweet and tangy apple and peach chutney recipe features both…. 

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Make your own homemade fruit popsicles

Homemade fruit popsicle recipe | #icepops

When I was growing up popsicles and water guns were a summer time staple! My favorite frozen treat was Otter Pops, remember those? The ones where everyone’s mouth’s turned the various colors of the rainbow after eating them. Nostalgic childhood foods are my favorite things to recreate and I must admit, I think the last time I made homemade fruit popsicles was when I was in the third grade! The great thing is that making easy healthy treats at home is super simple, without the high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors and colors you’ll find in store bought packages. All of my homemade fruit popsicles recipes are 100 calories or less, even as low as 30 calories for the all fruit flavors!… 

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Ginger Crumble and Stone Fruit Pie

Ginger crumble and stone fruit pie recipe |

The warm summer weather in Southern California has extended into fall, which means you can still purchase summer fruit at the market! In the last attempt to enjoy the flavors of summer in a sweet pie, I grabbed my favorite stone fruit; peaches, nectarines and plums.  I topped the pie with my favorite ginger pecan and almond crumble, and at last, the endless summer ginger crumble and stone fruit pie was created…. 

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Stone Fruit Crumble with Blueberry and Almonds

Stone Fruit Crumble with Blueberry and Almonds |

With summer in full swing, you can easily find ripe stone fruits in most grocery stores and farmers markets. I picked up some extremely ripe and sweet white and yellow varietals of peaches and nectarines from All Green Farms in Orange County, California. I particularly enjoy being a patron of this farmer because they always make great recommendations and are very honest about what is at peak flavor. I requested the kind farmer to hand pick the ripest fruits for the stone fruit crumble with blueberry and almonds…. 

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Raspberry and Roasted Peach Salad

Fresh and healthy raspberry and roasted peach salad recipe |

Today I visited the Old Towne Orange Farmers and Artisans Market in Orange, California. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was ready to be inspired for tonight’s dinner. My eye caught the bounty of stone fruit from the Mt. Moriah Organic Farms from Lodi. Initially I thought to make a peach crumble, however a friendly farmer suggested that it would be better to incorporate into a refreshing peach salad…. 

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