Easy Culinary Science Cookbook

I’m so thrilled to share with you 75 delicious recipes, essential cooking tips, and step-by-step guides for better cooking.

Cookbook cover: Easy Culinary Science for Better Cooking

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About the book

Are you ready to elevate your cooking with culinary science? Of course, you are! My goal is to help home cooks gain confidence in the kitchen through science. This cookbook reflects my passion for teaching others, taking years of education and experience and putting it all in one place.

I’ve packed each page with essential cooking techniques, test kitchen tools and tips, practical science, and 75 tasty and approachable recipes you’ll want to make repeatedly. Not to mention, the mouth-watering photos are stunning!

What you’ll find in this cookbook

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Fool-proof recipes

  • Use simple science to transform good dishes into great dishes!
  • Take the guesswork and mystery out of cooking and become an improved home cook.
  • Approachable recipes that seamlessly blend together food science and culinary arts, to maximize flavor potential.
  • 75 test kitchen-approved recipes, featuring some of my childhood favorites, everyday meals, irresistible baked good, and sweet treats.

Test kitchen tips & tricks

  • Unique Cooks Note and Recipe Science for each recipe!
  • Essential tools and equipment to build a culinary science kitchen.
  • Conversions and equivalents for common kitchen measurements and ingredients.
  • Cooking temperature and oil selection guides.
  • Step-by-step photo guides for selected recipes!

Essential techniques

My cookbook will teach readers the fundamental techniques and tips to help expand your skillset and confidence in the kitchen. Each chapter explores the basic concepts of cooking:

  • Dry-Heat Cooking
  • Moist-Heat Cooking
  • Braising & Stewing
  • Slow Cooking
  • Emulsification
  • Thickening
  • Chemical Leavening
  • Yeast Leavening

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Nathan Myhrvold, author of Modernist Cuisine

Easy Culinary Science for Better Cooking helps curious home cooks navigate the basics of culinary science. Packed with approachable recipes and time-saving tips, every meal will become an opportunity for readers to learn something new and apply it.”

Kenji Lopez-Alt, chef and author of The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science

“Science and technique are at the heart of all cooking, but when we focus so much on the science, we lose sight of the most important thing: how delicious the thing on the plate is. Easy Culinary Science for Better Cooking balances these two sides perfectly.”

Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Michelin Star restaurateur, and chef

“I can teach you how to season a steak and grill it to perfection. However, the science behind the browning and distinctive flavor of the steak is what I cannot explain. Jessica Gavin does this brilliantly in Easy Culinary Science for Better Cooking.”

Gain confidence in the kitchen

Elevate your favorite recipes to make them phenomenal, faster, and more delicious, any night of the week. Here’s just a sampling of the drool-worthy recipes:

Cookbook recipe photos

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Tag me at #jessicagavin when you receive your copy or make a recipe, I’d love to see what you create!