Press and Media Mentions

Here is a compilation of my press mentions and features in both print and digital media.

Podcast Interviews

Chef Demonstrations

Culinary Stage at the Martha Stewart food and wine event.
Jessica Gavin giving a chef demo at the Martha Stewart wine and food experience in Los Angeles.
Martha Stewart and Jessica Gavin together at the wine and food festival in Los Angeles.

Sharing the stage with Martha Stewart at the USA Today Food & Wine Experience in Los Angeles, CA.

Print Publications

Mercury Newspaper featuring Jessica Gavin's bacon wrapped asparagus recipe.
  • Bay Area Mercury News Eat Drink Play (9/23/2018) – featuring my bacon-wrapped asparagus recipe.
  • Bay Area Mercury News Eat Drink Play (9/9/2018) – featuring my cookbook.
  • Food Technology Magazine Culinary Point of View (5/1/2018).
Jessica featured in USA Today Home Magazine (Spring 2018).
Jessica featured in USA Today FoodBlogs Magazine (Holiday 2018).
Jessica featured in USA Today Modern Woman Magazine (Fall/Winter 2018).
Jessica featured in USA Today Back to School Magazine (Fall 2018).

Select Online Features

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