Strawberry Yogurt Granola Popsicles

3 Ingredients - strawberry yogurt granola popsicles |

What is a great way to cool down in the summer? Besides standing next to an open refrigerator, a cold refreshing popsicle is the best way to beat the heat. With things heating up in Southern California, it’s tempting not to hit the closest frozen yogurt shop or McDonald’s drive through for a vanilla cone! Being 7 months pregnant with cravings, I’ve been indulging a bit too frequently so I decided to make a healthier dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth without going over board on the calories. Adding fresh seasonal berries to your favorite yogurt is a quick and easy way to create dessert at home and you get to create the flavor. I hope you enjoy cooling down with my easy three ingredient strawberry yogurt granola popsicles!

3 ingredients - homemade fruit popsicle recipe |

I love making popsicles with my Norpro Ice Pop Maker that I found at Cost Plus World Market, however it can also be purchased on Amazon. If you are looking to make some fancy popsicles with the the latest popsicle technology, Zoku brand popsicle molds are really neat! Local strawberries have been super sweet this season, so I used my Vitamix Blender to create a blend with vanilla yogurt. You can use any berries you like or yogurt, Greek style yogurt works well too for some extra protein!

Yogurts can be pretty high with added sugar, so I make sure to read the nutritional labels before. If you want the popsicles a bit sweeter, you can always add some honey or agave to the yogurt. For some extra texture and flavor, I added the diced strawberries and granola in the popsicles. These strawberry yogurt granola popsicles are less than 100 calories per pop, the perfect healthy snack or dessert on hot day! Don’t like strawberries? You can check out my other homemade fruit popsicles recipes online.

3 ingredients - mix with granola and strawberry  |

TIP #1: To achieve the smoothest texture from a frozen popsicle, fast freezing and very low temperatures would produce the smallest ice crystals and best texture. Unfortunately, our freezers at home have the slowest rates of freezing. The temperatures are typically set to −18 °C (0 ºF) or lower, however it will take at least 30 minutes for even the water to become frozen then require additional time for the dissolved solids to freeze. That is why store bought popsicles have excellent texture due to the various quick freezing technologies utilized, however this doesn’t mean homemade pops can’t taste just as delicious!
Strawberry Yogurt Granola Popsicles
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 10 popsicles
Summer is just around the corner! Cool down with these refreshing strawberry yogurt granola popsicles. Just 3 ingredients and under 100 calories!
  • 2 cups vanilla yogurt (reserve ½ cup for strawberry yogurt blend)
  • ½ cup sliced strawberries
  • 1 cup diced strawberries, ¼ inch by ¼ inch dice
  • ½ cup granola (your favorite)
Strawberry yogurt granola popsicles-
  1. In a blender, puree ½ cup sliced strawberries and ½ cup vanilla yogurt together until a consistent smooth texture is reached, about 1 minute.
  2. Layer the popsicles as follows: 1 teaspoon cubed strawberries, 1 tablespoon vanilla yogurt, 1 tablespoon blended strawberry yogurt, 1 teaspoon granola. Repeat layers once more, or until the mold is completely filled to the top.
  3. Place cover on the mold and insert the popsicle sticks. Freeze for at least 6 hours, or overnight.
Removing the popsicles-
  1. Run the molds under warm water for ten to fifteen seconds. Slowly and carefully remove each popsicle. If the popsicles remain in the mold, run them under the warm water for a few more seconds, ensuring not to melt the pops. Freeze or enjoy immediately!



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