Introducing baby James!

baby announcement james joseph gavin

We are so excited and proud to introduce the newest and cutest addition to our family. Our first child, baby James Joseph Gavin! He came into this world in a hurry and just in time for breakfast. That’s our lil fella, and he was born to eat!

Have you ever seen those car commercials or scenes in movies where the pregnant wife is in agony, and the husband is scrambling to get the car packed and drives like a speed demon, running red lights, trying with all his might to stay calm and get to the hospital?

Well, that is pretty much our experience with the delivery of our sweet baby James, and I wouldn’t expect anything more than an adventure with our lives together so far! After weeks of nesting, blogging, cooking and getting our home ready for babies arrival, James must have known that we were finally relaxing for just a few moments because he decided he was ready to check out his new digs!

baby james cute face
I started feeling the slow down with four days until my due date. I made Jason and me one last home-cooked meal of filet mignon when I noticed a few painful contractions, more than the normal Braxton Hicks, but I just kept on cooking!

As we sat down for dinner, the contractions didn’t stop, and I decided to start tracking them as we watched the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen. That’s when I realized that for the first time the contractions were becoming regular.

our new baby james with mom and dad

I was hoping that maybe a good nights rest would help them become less painful and even maybe go away. Boy was I wrong! Before I knew it, the contractions were getting stronger and closer together, and I did my best to breathe through each one.

Once it hit 6:00 am on Sunday morning, and the contractions were only getting more unbearable, I was ready to hit the road! I will spare you all the details, but let’s just say we thanked the heavens that it was a Sunday morning with very light traffic for Southern California!

Jason did an amazing job driving to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach with one hand, speeding down the 55 freeway, running several red lights and calming me down all at the same time.

close up shot of james in the hospital bed

We made it to the hospital (25 minutes away) in just the knick of time. I think we surprised the morning shift of nurses with Jason’s yelling for help and me screaming that I needed help right away (I think they were still getting their first cup of coffee).

All of the nurses and on call doctor rushed me to the delivery room and barely had time to get everything set up as they normally would. I was already fully dilated, and baby was ready to say hi! We arrived at the hospital at 7:20 am, and baby James made his introduction at 7:30 am.

Whew, that was reeeaaallly close! 🙂

james yawning

It was the most incredible (and scary) moment that Jason and I have experienced together. The nurse told Jason to announce the gender, and when he said “It’s a Boy!” the tears started flowing.

Jason cut the cord, and we got to have immediate bonding time with James. Did I also mention that my family and best friend had been driving since 2 am from Northern California to be there for the delivery?

Unfortunately, James was waiting for no one, and they arrived just 30 minutes shy of the delivery. It was so amazing to have our loved ones there to celebrate the first precious moments of his life and spend the rest of the day holding and adoring our sweet bundle of joy!

holding james and proud dad jason
We love looking at him every minute and seeing what features he resembles from each of us. So far he has mommy’s nose, toes, and complexion. He has daddy’s smile, chin and furrowed brow and character. We are still waiting on seeing what color eyes he as, but as he opens them more each day, we will find out.

It’s interesting and fun to see his mannerisms and personality. James is very easy going and doesn’t get bothered by loud noises, talking or even the sounds of our birds Honey and George singing (more like yelling).

James loves being held and isn’t picky by who. Just don’t undress him, he doesn’t like the cold, hehe.

jason, jessica, and james leaving the hospital
Bringing home baby hasn’t been easy as all parents know about the weird hours and sleep deprivation. However, we are taking things day by day and love him more every second! We can’t wait to share our adventure with baby James with you!

welcome home james

I wonder if he will like bacon and Foie gras? To be continued..!

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