10 Energizing Portable On the Go Snacks


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Don’t leave your home without one of these easy grab-n-go snacks to help you stay nourished throughout the day! Whether your kids are heading back to school, or you’re going to be on the grind at work. I have ten simple treats with a healthy twist. Plus don’t miss the BONUS recipe at the bottom!

10 Energizing Portable On the Go Snacks - When life gets busy don't skip a meal! Meal prep yourself one of these healthy recipe snacks | jessicagavin.com

As the summer sizzle starts to fade and fall kicks into high gear, our schedules seem only to get more hectic, but you need to stay nourished! All you need to worry about is grabbing a tasty snack on your way out the door so that you can stay energized. Life can be busy and unpredictable, but your meals can still be healthy and satisfying!

#1) Banana Bread Flavored Popcorn Snack

Are you an avid banana bread fan and want the flavor without all of the sugar-loaded calories? If so you are going to love this banana bread flavored popcorn snack! Each piece tossed in warm spices, crunchy walnuts, and banana chips. It’s easy to portion and take along with you or send it to school in a lunch box!

15 minute Banana Bread Flavored Popcorn Snack

#2) Chocolate Almond Aztec Popcorn with Strawberries

Calling all chocolate lovers! This superfood popcorn snack has cinnamon, cocoa, freeze-dried strawberries, chocolate covered nuts and fruit with a hint of heat. An addicting sweet, spicy and chocolaty combo to get you through those late afternoon slumps.

Chocolate Almond Aztec Popcorn with Strawberries

#3) Whole Grain Raspberry Breakfast Bars

If you love Nutri-Grain bars, then try these delicious whole grain raspberry bars! They are super easy to cut, wrap and pack away for whenever you need a quick breakfast. Made with oats, fresh berries, and vegan-friendly ingredients.

Vegan Whole Grain Raspberry Breakfast Bars

#4) Almond Granola Bars

Chewy apricot almond bars filled with oats, dried fruit, and nuts for a satisfying snack! Make a whole tray and portion each serving so you can refrigerate and grab whenever you need some energy.

Apricot Almond Granola Bars

#5) Dark Chocolate Granola Snack Bites

Do you just need a quick small bite to get you to the next task? These grab & go dark chocolate granola bites are made in mini muffin pans, so they are divided into little portions.

Dark Chocolate Granola Snack Bites

#6) No-Bake Protein Snack Bites

No time to bake a snack? No worries! These customizable grab and go no-bake snacks are just the right two-to-three bite size. Each ball is packed with nut butter, oats, dried fruit and naturally sweetened with honey. What other ingredients will you add to personalize your snack?

Grab and Go No-Bake Protein Snack Bites

#7) Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bites

A classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate for a portion-controlled granola snack! Each nibble is super crispy and tasty. The kiddos love these two, so you might have to share. Pack them in a container for an easily portable solution.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bites

#8) Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! I think that’s right? Apples are delicious just the way they are, but it’s fun to make them into healthy crispy baked chips! Choose any variety you like… granny smith, red delicious, Fuji or even Honeycrisp. Or mix them up for an exciting flavor combination.

Delicious Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips

#9) Lemon Chia Seed Yogurt Cake

A healthier version of lemon cake made with whole grains and fiber-rich chia seeds! You are going to love the sweet and tangy flavor from freshly squeezed lemons. Just slice, wrap and pack for your breakfast or lunch the next day. Perfect for sharing and enjoying with a cup of joe or hot tea!

Whole Wheat Lemon Chia Seed Yogurt Cake

#10) Banana Bread with Oat Crumble

The ultimate healthy banana bread! Made with ripe blueberries, whole wheat flour, coconut sugar and applesauce instead of oil. The oat crumble adds a nice crunch on top for a guilt-free snack!

Whole Wheat Vegan Blueberry Banana Bread with Oat Crumble

#11 – BONUS!) Chia Seed Protein Pudding

This healthy protein and fiber-packed pudding cup recipe can be made ahead of time and stored in individually portioned resealable containers. Just top with fruit and nuts for a quick breakfast or snack!

Chia Seed Protein Pudding

Something for everyone! If you are a meal prep pro, make a few for the week so you can have some variety each day. Which portable snack will you try first? I would love to hear in the comments section. If there is something you don’t see that you would like a recipe for, let me know. I’m always up for a good challenge!

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    The raspberry breakfast bars look amazing! I can’t wait to try them! Printed out a couple others too. Thanks so much 😉

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    I was just looking at my meal plan for next week and realized I didn’t have one go-to snack for lunches/snacks! YAY! you saved my day again 🙂 <3 adding a couple of these to try out!