St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Roundup

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A delicious roundup of St. Patrick’s day food recipes that feature classic corned beef and cabbage cooked different ways, stews, Irish soda bread, potato side dishes, and desserts. Make planning the Irish feast easy with these tasty ideas!

St. Patrick's Day Recipe Roundup

Are you looking to try some new St. Patrick’s day food or do you want classic Irish recipes for this year’s dinner? I’ve got you covered with main dish ideas to traditional sides, followed up by dessert for an unforgettable meal.

Corned beef and cabbage is a must, so no matter if you have a slow cooker, Instant Pot or want to oven roast the brisket, the recipes are ready to go. You’ve got to have to Irish soda bread served fresh from the oven on the table, so I have cheesy bacon and a sweet version. Potatoes are a must, so make them mashed, crispy or a little lighter with cauliflower.

Since there’s always room for dessert, a boozy shake or sweet treat is an excellent way to end your meal. You’ll find a little bit of whiskey, Irish coffee and Guinness sneaked into some of the recipes too!

#1) Baked Honey Mustard Corned Beef

This is my favorite baked method for making corned beef to ensure that each piece is tender, juicy and flavorful. The mustard and brown sugar glaze takes this roast over the top!

Baked Honey Mustard Corned Beef

#2) Slow Cooker Corned Beef

One of the easiest ways to ensure that the corned beef is tender and not dry is to make it in the slow cooker, simmering for an extended period. Cabbage, carrots, and potatoes are cooked together with the beef for a simple feast.
Slow Cooker Corned Beef with Guinness Mustard

#3) Corned Beef and Cabbage (Instant Pot)

Are you a proud owner of an Instant Pot? Now is the time to make corned beef and cabbage, pressure cooker version! The meat is simmered in a Guinness infused braising liquid and then broiled right before serving to create a brown sugar mustard crust.

Corned Beef and Cabbage (Instant Pot)

#4) Slow Cooker Guinness Beef Stew

One of the best ways to infuse the flavors of stout, corned beef and potatoes are together in a stew! This slow-cooker version makes for tender pieces of meat and vegetables all in one pot. Make it in the morning, and it will be ready when you get home!

Slow Cooker Guinness Beef Stew

#5) Shepherd’s Pie

This casserole is loaded with tender beef and lamb stew and topped with mashed potatoes. A one-pan meal that is meant for sharing!

big spoon scoop of shepherds pie

#6) Cheddar and Bacon Irish Soda Bread

I make this bread every year for my family because we love the cheesy and savory bacon combination! The scallions add a subtle onion flavor to each slice.

Cheddar and Bacon Irish Soda Bread

#7) Irish Soda Bread

This chewy and tender bread has raisins and walnuts mixed right into the dough. Made with spelt flour, stout beer and greek yogurt, the nutty flavors are unique and tasty!

Irish Soda Bread with Raisins and Walnuts

#8) Sweet Irish Soda Bread with Cherries

The crunchy biscuit-like texture paired with the cherries, dark chocolate and almonds makes this Irish soda bread more like a dessert!

Sweet Irish Soda Bread with Cherries

#9) Homemade Mashed Potatoes

This classic creamy mashed potato side dish is a tasty recipe to pair with the main course that is always a crowd-pleaser!

Homemade Mashed Potatoes

#10) Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Add some extra vegetables into the meal with cauliflower and swiss chard folded into the mashed potatoes. Make it more traditional like a colcannon with cabbage instead of swiss chard.

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes with Swiss Chard

#11) Crispy Garlic Roasted Potatoes

These oven-roasted potatoes have crispy skin and a creamy interior. The garlic-infused olive oil adds extra flavor to each serving.

Crispy Garlic Roasted Potatoes

#12) Boozy Chocolate Milkshake

Instead of an Irish coffee to end the meal, why not mix it up with a fresh and creamy, boozy milkshake spiked with whiskey!

Boozy Chocolate Milkshake with Whiskey

#13) Irish Coffee Profiteroles

These irresistible profiteroles are filled with Irish coffee whipped cream, chocolate whiskey sauce, and coffee creme sauce.

Irish Coffee Profiteroles with Chocolate Whiskey Sauce

I hope these St. Paddy’s Day recipes give you some inspiration with comfort foods that all of your guests will enjoy. Some of my family favorites are the baked corned beef, mashed potatoes, and Irish cheddar and bacon soda bread. Let me know what recipes you try in the comments section below.

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