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Jessica's Secrets: Cooking Made Easy!
Get my essential cooking techniques that I learned in culinary school.

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How to Make Bread Crumbs

Don’t let leftover bread go to waste! Learn how to make bread crumbs from scratch. Use them as a crunchy topping, coating, or mix-in for dishes like breaded chicken, casseroles, or meatballs. Homemade bread crumbs are a breeze to make! I always find myself with a few straggling slices of bread or chunks from a…

Easy Culinary Science Cookbook

Enjoy 75 delicious recipes, essential cooking tips, and step-by-step guides for better cooking.

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How to Cook Pasta Like a Pro

Everyone thinks they know how to cook pasta. And no one here is doubting you. It is pretty straightforward. But you might be missing out on some cooking secrets that can sweeten the deal. Carbonara. Spaghetti and meatballs. Macaroni and cheese. Pasta salad. These are just a few pasta dish hall-of-famers. Pasta is such a…

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